Milos Stolic is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the use of mass media and computer generated imagery. He bases his work on the fact that there is a long-established cultural racism and appropriation hidden in Western image making and distribution. His main focus is on habits of visual perception. By sampling found footage - mostly breaking all common copyright laws – he creates disturbing view patterns that open new, unusual perspectives. Technological progress is always connected to representations of power allowing a determined discourse.

Milos Stolic’s areas of interest lays in the investigation of the „white-gaze“, formerly established through ethnographic imagery and the shifting to technological possibilities of creating virtual realities. CGI (computer-generated images) shows and reflects the critical potential of re-reproducing racist and euro-centric sentiments in Milos Stolic’ work. Those sentiments were intensified by the „exoticizing view“, shaped by cultural stereotypes throughout history and ongoing reproductions.

He finds his material in large multimedia archives and online platforms. Users of such platforms (e.g. youtube) act out their feelings, creating public opinions with disproportional significance. Through his installations he aims to simulate a state of mind, in which imagination and emotional worlds collide.

IG: @milos__stolic